We serve, we leave, we are forgot about…

dry your eyes and soldier on…


Too Little is Done for the Ex Service Men and Women of our Country by our own Government...

Through personal experience and first hand account I am embarrassed to say that my own government lacks the ability to support the the people who both gave and risked their lives for, to only face their last march alone without even a phonecall or email considering how their life is going after service...

The lack of support given to the heroes who allow us to sleep in our beds sound at night, is almost non existent, the dream these soldiers are sold to enlist, certainly does not come with a warranty upon leave, running out of options, running out of hope, too little support, more needs to be done...

What is Web Artillery?

Web Artillery is a platform that will allow Current and Ex Service Men and Women, PTSD Sufferers and their families to build their own website for any purpose and hosting for as little as £1 Per Month.

Why Use Web Artillery?

Use us to Kickstart a new business idea, If you already have a business but hosting is draining you, use Web Artillery to host your website or use our Amazing Website Builder and build yourself a fresh new website!

Feeling Charitable? Use Web Artillery to Create a Fundraising Website. You can even use Web Artillery if you just want to say to the world,

hello…. I’m still here!

So How Can You Help?

To Provide such a service we need to raise some money first to setup a dedicated server big enough to host lots and lots of websites. This will enable us here at Web Artillery to provide your hosting and Website from as little as £1 per month.

Build Your Own Website

Use our custom Drag and Drop Visual Web Builder to build any website you want!

Host Your Website

We will host your website on a dedicated virtual private server with daily backups.

Save Money

We will get your website online for as little as £1 per month.

You can help by also buying our support merchandise!

I have designed custom Military & PTSD Support Merchandise and built an online shop here at Web Artillery where you can purchase goods that both help to raise awareness and also all proceeds go towards reaching our goal.

When Web Artillery reaches it’s goal, all proceeds from the shop will be donated to relevant PTSD and Ex Service Charities and support groups all over the world.

Donation Goal £1445
Donated So Far.
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